St.Marys Island

Malpe about 6km from Udupi, is the Natural harbour and important Fishing Centre. Endless stretches of Golden Sand, Graciously swaying Palm Trees, clear Blue Skies and the gentle murmur of the sea set the perfect mood for an idyllic Holiday. Across the bay is the Island of Darya Bahadurgarh. In the Harbour one can visit wholesale Fishing yard

St. Mary’s Island another Delightful get away is only a boat-ride away across Malpe Harbour. Here one can find a unique formation of volcanic Rocks which have Crystallized into columns and split into vertical Hexagonal Blocks. This is neither a Swimming nor a Strolling Beach. It’s a beach to be Gazed and Wondered at and it’s the only one of its kind in India. Legend has it that Vasco da Gama landed in 1498 on one of these Islands which he called “El Padron de Santa Maria”. It is from this that these Islands got their present name.

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