Arun Deepu, Bangalore

It was a very enjoyable journey. All my family enjoyed. Good driver Anyways thanks for making the journey a memorable one. Next time when we come there we will surely call u. Thanks Arun Deepu, Bangalore … more

Venilal Khatri, Australia

Vehicle was perfect Driver was very friendly and cooperative Rooms and hotels were up to the standard Over all our whole tour was very successful with religious feeling and enjoyable. Thank you Venilal Khatri, Australia … more

Neela, Chennai

We have successfully completed our tour to Karnataka Temples. Thank u very much for the nice arrangements. Vehicle in very good condition. Not given us single trouble in our long journey of more than 2000 kms. Driver Very very co … more

Swapna Rege, Mumbai

I wish to thank you for giving us excellent service through the arrangements made by you during our trip to Mangalore. The hotels, car, bill and the driver were very good and we had good time during the journey. Swapna … more

N R Krishnan, Chennai

We had an excellent trip and your driver is very courteous, friendly, helpful and accommodative. You can rest assured we will use your travels for all our future trips and we will certainly recommend you to all our friends. Thanks … more

Anjaneyulu, Hyderabad

I would like to convey our team appresiation for the way the Tour was programmed and conducted. We have been taken to all the places as planned. The accommodation at all places was good. Our special appreciation to Mr Gopal … more

V.Janakiraman, Chennai

Your arrangements were excellent and we all enjoyed very very much all the tour to all temples. Driver was too good and he is amazing guy with wonderful qualities, route knowledge, detailed knowledge of internal places etc. Rooms were very … more

The vehicle was in very condition. The driver Mr Raghavendra is very professional and friendly and knows about the routes and importance of the place and timings also. Rooms provided are extremely good. The one especially in Udipi.
I definitely will refer your travels to all my friends and colleagues who plans to come in that part of the country.
Satyamurthy, Vizag